August 15th, 2005

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New Beanie pics from Island --


Courtesy of Gamy at Beanbox. (She is a treasure!) i. must. stop. I am not sure I can handled more premieres this year. le. sigh. These were taken when he was talking to blonde entertainment reporter. If this man looked at me like the first picture, he would have to be arrested for killing me on the spot. Officer: "Okay Mr. Bean what happened here?" Bean: "I, I don't know officer, I just looked at the woman, said hello and she fell dead."

GUH! And other sounds.
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ohoh ... an idea

i had an idea.. you know "the island" premier shirt ... someone SO needs to make a icon that says "i'm too sexy for my shirt" !!! yes! sorry, just thought i'd drop you all that idea.  since i dont have an icon maker or anything close to that, so i just thought i'd drop the ideas...

and to make this legal :)




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