September 5th, 2005

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Apparently the search for an actor to play James Bond as replacement for Pierce Brosnan is still continuing. They asked Clive Owen, but he reclined:

When Clive Owen, 41, was approached by Campbell, who directed him in "Beyond Borders," he told Campbell that he wasn't interested in the role, his spokesman said. "He already had so many interesting, varied offers on the table that he wanted to keep his options open," he said. Owen instead signed up for a string of films, including Spike Lee's "Inside Man," Alfonso Cuaron's "The Children of Men" and Michael Davis' "Shoot 'Em Up." In the meantime, Owen will send up Bond by playing Agent 006 in the upcoming remake of "The Pink Panther."

Playing Agent 006? Excuse me? Remember Alec Trevelyan? 006 in GoldenEye? As played by Sean Bean? He's the one and only 006!

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