September 12th, 2005

OTP - TIFF 2005

TIFF North Country Press Conference Info--

For those of you who are interested and simply want to watch or anyone who has video-capture software and knows how to use it--

The North Country press conference at the Toronto International Film Festival will be streamed here tomorrow (Monday, Sept. 12) at 7 pm Eastern Time. Anybody who can capture streaming video will, no doubt, be loved and worshipped forever, probably by more than just me.

7:00 PM
"North Country" Scheduled to attend: Charlize Theron, Woody Harrelson, Sean Bean, Jeremy Renner, director Niki Caro and writer Michael Seitzman.
[2nd emphasis mine]

My fingers are crossed that someone'll capture it and make it available.

Rogers Television does repeat the press conferences from the day in the wee smalls, and while the schedule for the North Country repeat does not appear to be available yet, it should be listed here when it does go up.

Many thanks to nieninque121 for passing on the info in the first place! *hugs*

And in celebration of the wonderful new pic of Sean and Viggo together at the A History of Violence party appearing, Collapse )
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more 'Flightplan' on talk shows....

Late Show With David Letterman
Description: Actress Jodie Foster; Jack Johnson performs.
Date Time Channel
9/13/2005 11:35PM CBS

Good Morning America
Description: Actress Jodie Foster; author Bruce Feiler ("Where God Was Born"); Bridal Blowout in Times Square.
Date Time Channel
9/14/2005 7:00AM ABC

Live With Regis and Kelly
Description: Actress Jodie Foster ("Flightplan"); show host Jeff Probst ("Survivor: Guatemala -- The Maya Empire"); Guinness World Record Breaker Week.
Date Time Channel
9/14/2005 9:00AM NBC

be sure to double check your local listings for channel and time
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A Sexy Richard Sharpe Posing as Sean Bean Picture Spam

A huge thank you to Pudge who is a wonderful lady at Bean Box Forum who posted these and many, many more of Beanie at Toronto. There were so many I had not enough energy to upload all of them.

But Bean weathered a rather boring press conference for anyone who saw it online today, as it was dominated by Charlize who acted every inch the starrah, but managed to call Bean "baby" when she tried to get him to answer a question directed at both of them. Beanie looked amazingly like Richard Sharpe after a bender of drinking with Aragon. In fact, one could almost swear he had not taken even been to bed. Same shirt, same hair. LOL

Anyway, I give you Richard Sharpe posing as Sean Bean at Film Festival. And yes, Bean was hot enough to even melt himself and his suit in the lower ones. Apparently it was extremely hot and humid during the premiere of North Country, and I cannot even tell you how this affected me to see this man wet. *whew* is all I can say.

Cushion alert. You have been warned. (Some large and some not, and no I haven't figured out how to do thumbnails yet. It took me almost a year to get this far. LOLOL) Maybe his most amazing eyes can make you forget my faults.

NOT dial up friendly, sorry.

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And there are many more here from the fantastic Pudge at BeanBox here from this page on: