September 30th, 2005

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Thanks to the glorious and wonderful Pudge at BeanBox, more Bean from a NC press conference. Is this man just hanging out in LA until this premiere? le.sigh. Someone jump him, shag him, feed him and get him some rest, quick. Info for premiere and picture spam of press conference from September 16th under cut. Not dial up friendly. And of course mindless comments by the delusional me (who believes she can read Beanie's thoughts.)

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The British Are Coming

Press Release Source: Bethesda Softworks
Sean Bean - voice work
The British Are Coming ... Bethesda Game Studios Taps Top International Hollywood Talent to Voice the Upcoming The Elder Scrolls(R) IV: Oblivion(TM), Video Game
Friday September 30, 8:00 am ET
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion to Feature Voice Performances by Patrick Stewart, Sean Bean, and Terence Stamp

ROCKVILLE, Md., Sept. 30 /PRNewswire/ -- To create the perfect tone and timbre for its award-winning role playing videogame, The Elder Scrolls® IV: Oblivion(TM), Bethesda Game Studios announced today an all-star voice cast of British stage and screen legends. Developed for both the Xbox 360(TM) videogame and entertainment system from Microsoft, and PC platforms, Oblivion is one of the year's most highly-anticipated games and sequel to the best-selling role playing game of 2002, Morrowind®. Collapse )
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SPOILERS - Cancel This 'Flight'

Sean Bean as Captain RichFlick Picks

Cancel This 'Flight'

Brian Dukes, Up & Coming Weekly, Sept. 28, 2005 September 28, 2005

I have no idea what Jody Foster was thinking when she read the script for Flightplan. An accomplished actress, Foster should have immediately picked the script apart and saw it for the horribly boring tripe that it is. Then again, maybe I'm either smarter than Jody Foster or at least smarter than her agent. In either case, Flightplan couldn't be rescued despite Foster's efforts, and filmmakers should learn a valuable lesson here.Collapse )
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spoilerish review: FLIGHTPLAN - Don’t watch CNN before going to the movies.

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By beth mcarthur

Publish Date: 29-Sep-2005

Starring Jodie Foster, Sean Bean, Peter Sarsgaard. Rated PG.

Don't watch CNN before going to the movies. The channel's coverage of real-life melodrama sets the excitement bar too high. While watching Flightplan, all I could think was how magnificent the film would have been had the Jet Blue pilot been in the cockpit: a decisive captain would be in charge, we'd be spared Hollywood's mandatory fiery explosions, and then we'd toddle off, shaken, yet with a rock-solid belief in our fellow man's competence and benevolence. As it was, I emerged from Jodie Foster's movie about a mom who loses her six-year-old daughter on a flight from Germany to New York with my faith in humanity almost shattered.Collapse )