October 21st, 2005

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A woman battles ironclad sexism

Sean Bean as Kyle'North Country' inspired by '80s Minnesota case
October 21, 2005


In its opening minutes, "North Country" quickly dispels some potential preconceptions.

'North Country'
out of four stars
Rated R; sexual theme, language, violence

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Male stupidity drives 'North Country'

Sean Bean
Posted on Fri, Oct. 21, 2005

Theron delivers a gem in flawed tale of sexual harrassment case

Movie Critic

"North Country" is officially about the woman who won our nation's first sexual harassment case against a corporation, suing the mining company that employed her and refused to give her decent, equitable treatment.Collapse )
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Sean in North CountryArts/Life > movies & video

Despite good acting, the sexual-harassment tale 'North Country' caves in on itself
By Michael Sragow
Sun Movie Critic
Originally published October 21, 2005

North Country, the fictionalized story of the first class-action sexual harassment suit in the United States, engulfs you in the tingling snow-swept vistas of northern Minnesota. Shot with unpretentious eloquence by the legendary Chris Menges, they slap you to attention and at times lift your spirits even when you're watching dispirited women and dispiriting men tramp through these wide-open, densely textured landscapes.Collapse )
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REVIEW | FLIGHTPLAN - Fine mid-air thriller

Sean Bean as Capt Rich in FLIGHTPLAN

Posted online: Friday, October 21, 2005 at 0000 hours IST

How can a little girl simply disappear from an airplane at 37,000 feet? Which is the crux of ’Flightplan’? It is similar to classic locked room murders, wherein the killer could not possibly enter or leave, but someone is dead. But yes, ultimately the mystery is solved. Starring Jodie Foster Flightplan bears a similarity to the actor’s Panic Room.In both the films, a mother resorts to her inner courage and intelligence to defend her child from certain danger. The problem she faces in Flightplan is most baffling: Who are her enemies? Why would they want to kidnap her daughter? How is it possible to do so on an airplane?Collapse )
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Movie review: Charlize Theron shows a will of iron in "North Country"

Sean Bean as KyleThursday, October 20, 2005
Movie review: Charlize Theron shows a will of iron in "North Country"
Bruce Newman, 05:10 PM in Bruce Newman, Movies & DVDs

In 1997, a federal appellate judge recalibrated the standard for sexual harassment in the American workplace, upholding a class action lawsuit by a group of female workers against Eveleth Mines of Minnesota. "North Country" files an emotional appeal on behalf of the plaintiffs in that case that is mostly satisfying, although at times the movie seems more interested in launching its own Oscar campaign than in mining the story's true complexity.Collapse )
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REVIEW: "North Country" (positive)

Sean Bean as Kyle in North Country
POSTED ON 10/21/05 AT 3:00 P.M.

Cast: Charize Theron, Woody Harrelson, Frances McDormand, Sean Bean

3(out of 4)

By Sean Chavel

Charlize Theron (an Oscar winner for "Monster"), does absolutely everything she can to shed her pretty, rosy image to play a sexual harassment victim who crusades against the steel factory that damned her in the new film "North Country." The film tackles just about every gamut of sexual harassment that can be thought of, and throws at you a few incidents that you would never have thought of. In the industrial ruins of Minnesota, the Neanderthal men are hostile in their use of off-color language and vulgar pranks. No “Minnesota Nice” can be found in this movie. It’s all disgust and yuckiness in its treatment of women who are viciously disrespected.Collapse )