October 30th, 2005


No Sean in our cinemas!!!=(

In Germany "THE DARK" was supposed to be released last week but when fiechen81 and me wanted to have a look in the internet when Sean might please us in the cinema we were totally disappointed when we read that "THE DARK" will be released later that year or maybe next year.=(*cry*

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description of Kyle from the NC script


The pickup truck pulls up the driveway of this old ranch house in the middle of nowhere. Sitting on the cold porch are GLORY and a handsome, rugged man -- KYLE. Glory stands up and waves a cheery hello. Josey gets out of the truck.


gotta love the description - certainly fits Sean portraying him
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Rallying call of history as Light regiments unite

By Sean Rayment

(Filed: 29/10/2005)

A new regiment is to be created in the wake of the most controversial restructuring of the Army in the past 20 years.

The Rifles will be an amalgamation of four famous regiments: The Light Infantry, The Devonshire and Dorset Light Infantry, The Royal Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Wiltshire Light Infantry, and The Royal Green Jackets.
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