November 5th, 2005

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Hollywood's A-list kick off film fest Nov 5 2005

Claire Hill, Western Mail

FOR 10 days, Wales will host five world premieres, seven European premieres, 10 UK premieres, 29 Welsh premieres and play host to actors, directors, writers and serious film fans.

Gala openings, celebrity screenings and behind-the-scenes talks will also be held as part of Cardiff Screen Festival which begins on Wednesday.

The festival is the ultimate experience for anyone who loves sitting in darkened cinemas and being transported to a different world.

After the gritty and award-winning A Way of Life opened the film festival last year, 2005 is the turn for the A-list stars.Collapse )
bai fan
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AND a thanks to Pudge for the two pics that inspired the Fall and this Imagination wallpapers - thank you thank you thank you

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