November 12th, 2005

incoherent babbling
  • boz4pm

I come bearing gifts!

Just a post to say 'hello' and introduce myself, really.  Found you all yesterday and am most pleased to now know SB will be appearing daily on my Friends page.  Lovely stuff!

Forgive me if you know of these already, but since the LJ asks for pictures with every post, I share my SB icons with you, some of which are fab IMHO.  Please give full credit to their creators if you take any - they are not mine.  :)

  [13 made by fifmeister

[3 made by nixxie_]

[4 made by wizzicons]

The rest are Collapse )

I hasten to add I know none of these people personally.  Fifmeister is now on my flist, but only after I had gone completely do-lally over her icons. 

Anyway, hope they will do.  And may I thank pfyre for the screencaps of Sharpe's Revenge you posted.  I am making a poor attempt at some very simplistic icons from one or two - I will post them here in case anyone is remotely interested.