January 10th, 2006


Seems while I slept (and I slept well, thank you all for your wishes), the Tarts had themselves a little surge. Well now, we just can't have them thinking they can beat us again, now can we? :D They're such fun competitors and I hope we're both back next year too! WOOT!

Now...we're some 1600 votes up and I KNOW we can do better than that. After all, we were floating around the 4point spread mark. So...how bout we show them Tarts how it's done round these parts? ;)

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Okay...one's kinda hi-res...so try not to lick your screen tooooo much, kay? Makes your tongue feel funny. ... ... ... Not that I know anything about that. *coughs* Nope. Not me.
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NEW PICTURES FROM THE DARK -- and er, if you don't know this VOTE

Three new pictures nicked from the sexy Jackie at Bean Box, who discoverd them.

he is utterly f _____________kable. sorry. no other way to say it.

geesh, when is this darn movie coming out? In a theater, on a DVD, anywhere? Anyone know? I just want to see Beanie on screen looking like this. I could give a crap about the sheep, the plot, anything aspect of this film. I just want to hear his voice, which he apparently uses his Sheffield accent in, and see this man looking like this. Crap, I would see Beanie read the phone book in a movie and have lust thoughts.

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Silent Hill Vote!

Yeah yeah, I know you guys are going, "ANOTHER vote??" but this one is for the Silent Hill Poster contest. As far as I know, three of us here on Bean_Daily have entered and you can vote for us once a day. The first round is a pure popularity contest and don't get me started on how insanely moronic it is. They'll go to a gallery format after prelims.

Anyway, we have three contestants (if there are more, let me know and I'll add you to the reminder posts!). Collapse )
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