January 26th, 2006

Crown on blonde queen

Birthday Pic Celebration

Happy Birthday bean_daily!! Can I possibly choose only 1 favorite Bean photo?? Not really as the man is just so amazing and I have a large collection of 'favorite' images. Several of you have already posted some of my favorites so I am going to post two that I haven't seen yet in the favorites posts:

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My favorite Richard Sharpe photo *drools* It is just so 'Sharpe' and the expression on Sean's face is just lovely...the open shirt...the lighting/feel of the photo. It's just beautiful.

Now my favorite studio shot of Bean:

GUH....just the expression in his eyes....the light stubble.....the hair...the everything... *is dead now*
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Well, Happy Birthday Bean Daily

And since I drive by almost daily due to the man -- here is one of my 5,000 favorite Beanie pics. Choosing one is like picking one child you like more than others, if you catch my drift, cause this man just takes pictures too darn well.

So here is my pick of his hotness - WARNING IT IS HUGE

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sheepworld  - l'amour

Happy Birthday!

Someone has already posted my all time favourite Sean pic, so I'm gonna post this one instead. I'm sure no one has this one, 'cause a friend of mine took the picture himself.

I love this pic because: he looks gorgeous in that suit, you can see those laugh lines at the corner of his eyes, he has such a lovely profile, and the list goes on and on. but also, this makes it to my fave list because it was taken right here in my home town! =D

happy birthday everyone. =D *brings out the champagne*
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o_O by me

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You gals sure have an excellent tastes, the blue jumper pic posted bysambora is wonderful, and the MC pic by annygirl a definite recent favorite... Sweet and vulnerable favs being covered, I'll go to the other other end of the scale now  - do I really have to give reasons for this?

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MSB66 by momsalive1
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Fave picture?

This was so hard to decide. A couple of my favourites have already been chosen by others so...

I decided to go for this one where he is with one of his other wives. After all - we'd all swap places with her - right? And I think we'd all be "bouncy" (see current mood) if we were there.

Happy Birthday to the community!!!
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