January 28th, 2006


Happy Birthday to Bean_Daily!

Well, silly me, I posted my fave in a comment on the first entry, so here it is again, where it should have been in the first place!

Hmm, it's still my fave.  I just love it, just because.  And I know that's enough explanation for anyone here.  LOL

Thanks to the community for assisting with my SBOCD-not assisting to rid me of same, but in "feeding the fire" so to speak.  And here's hoping for many many more years to come.  <G>


Smoldering Sean

Happy Anniversary to Sean Bean's Daily Journal!!  Great site and great people.  It has taken me some time to narrow down to just one favorite pic of Sean but I think this must be it.  I didn't see this one posted yet so I do hope it's not a repeat. But even if it is I totally believe it deserves a second, third or even fourth look!  lol


Collapse )

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and Happy Birthday to bean_daily!

I'm not the biggest poster, but I comment here and there. I just wanted to say how much I adore this community; its subject AND members. You guys are cool

I like smiling Sean, and here's one of my favorites.


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Happy (belated) birthday, Bean_daily!

I thought I'd join the celebrations. :) First off, a great big thank you to rohandove for setting up this comm!

It was hard to pick a favourite, as there are dozens of pictures that I love for one reason or another, but in the end I settled for Collapse )
It's one of the first ones I found online, and I still think it's a gorgeous shot. I love the green hues and the look in his eyes, and there's something slightly feline about him. Didn't someone once say he has the face of a young wildcat?

My favorite Bean Pic?

Well, this is my first post here...I've bean stalking for a while and finally decided I should join. I LOVE Sean...*guh*...ther's just something about this guy.....

My favorite pic? It's so difficult to decide...

A lot of them have already been posted, and is there really, truly a bad picture of this man? I remember when I first saw some caps of him as the Cowboy....I just went gaga!!!

So here is my pic...

Good God.......
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