January 31st, 2006

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Interview on "This Morning"

Here are some screencaps of Sean being interviewed on "This Morning" this morning. The chat was mostly about North Country and they talked about him working on the shop floor of his father's steel company. He was asked whether it was true that he fancied being a milkman on Coronation Street(long-running UK soap opera). He laughed and referred to the interview when it was mentioned. He said he watched the programme, as did his mum and his aunties and he thought they'd be pleased if he got a part on it.

I tried to include some hand and tongue shots for those who like these. Feel free to use any of the images below the cut.


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The Dark - Cap Set 1

Woot! Everyone, I'd like you to meet James. There are a LOT of pics in here...it is not dial-up friendly. However, your hormones will likely love you for life.

ETA: For people on dial-up or those browsing at work, I have thumbnail posts (two for this set) on my journal...they're open to the public.

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Caps from 'The Dark', out in select countries...unfortunately, none near me. *muttergrumblegripe* If you're going to ask...I went looking for it and had help from danichatterley who gave me a very good idea of where to look. Many thanks to her for without her, I would not have been able to relay these absolute beauties. *wibble* And the daddy scenes are absolutely ovary-melting. And there are a LOT of daddy scenes! *whimpers*

And this is a bunch of screencaps from a movie...if I have to tell you there may be spoilers involved (though likely not this set overly much)...you've been licking your monitor way too much and shorted out something or other. ^_^ If pbucket cuts out, I'll reupload to imageshack, but pb was easier. I normally use IS, so watch it futz on me. Meh.

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Belated Anniversary Wishes

I know I'm late in the game, but it took me a while to pick my favorite Seanpix. Only had a few thousand to go through *whew*. I just couldn't pick one, ya know, so I'll post my two favorites. Thank you so much rohandove for starting this group. This was the first community I found and it began the start of my SBOCD!

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