February 11th, 2006


100% Bean

LADIES!!! We can NOT let this punk beat out the sexiest man in the UK...possibly the world!!!

Do you need MORE inspiration? IS that it??? Then say no more....

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Remember 100% Bean...all day..all night.... ;)
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Dammit!! They Ate our lead!!

The Westlifers have passed us and are getting away!! Time for an inspirational pic spam and a RahRahRah worthy (well, almost) of Wyldestarr, while she sleeps peacefully.

I think we'll have a Warrior Slut's pic spam this time...

I love this, makes me giggle :)
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I Know We Are All Trying But We Can Not Be Beaten By That Callow Youth! Please Go And Vote
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waiting sean


Alright ladies you are amazing!!! Way to take back the lead! After being down by almost 1000 this morning we have rallied and made a comeback!!! I salute you!

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Let's keep it rolling ladies! Bring that lead home!

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