February 12th, 2006


One more rousing cheer before bed

I cannae stay awake any more...and the thunderstorm approaches... so one more pic for inspiration, and a plea for you all to keep voting and rallying the troops while I'm gone... Wyldestarr will wake up soon-ish but she has stuff to do early, so keep up the good work till she can get here :)

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THe Westies are 400 ahead... more voting is required!! Let's give them the finger! *giggles*
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WOOT! We're doing good, ladies! (and every other denomination who is voting!) We're almost caught up and since it's still early in the day (afternoon for me here) so we should overtake and start gaining a nice lead very shortly! Let's pick it up and keep on going! I know we're good at catch-up, we did it all through the annual, but if we can focus the power that we use to catch-up on gaining a nice lead instead, we should be able to hold them off!

Collapse ) And in the time it's taken me to do this post, we've reclaimed the lead! Go us! *dances* Oh, btw, lots of pics inside...not dial-up friendly, but very pretty. ^_^
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on the bafta site sean bean is confirmed to be on the show next sunday - it will be carried by BBC America.

just to make it legal he cleans up good.

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