February 13th, 2006

A temporary farewell...


Much to my dismay, I will not be with you today. (Hey...rhymed! No! *thwacks rhyming bunnies* I WILL NOT rhyme this post! And I especially will NOT do iambic pentameter! No matter how much you damn bunnies want!) I won't be back til 5:30/6pm US EST but I'll be voting as soon as I get back until I crash. Collapse )

We are not worksafe. We are not dialup safe. However, neither of these two properties will likely stop anyone anywhere from viewing. ^_^

Eta: Goodness now viewable!
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Up by 1400+!!!!!

We're on a roll now girls!! Beanie is up by some 1400+ votes!!

But we can't back down! Can't let the punk catch up again!!

And to make this completely legal a spam of my Beanie Icons:

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1625 AHEAD.

winter lies before me - now you're so far away. In the darkness of my dreaming - the light of you will stay. If i could be close beside you, if i could be where you are ..

we're slipping!!

Just a tad, but the Westies are awake in whatever netherhell they inhabit!!

So fall in lasses behind the drum,
With colours blazing like the sun,
Along the road to come what may,
Over the hills and far away...

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