March 22nd, 2006

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Critics of new James Bond are a royale pain [brief mention of Sean]

Posted on Sun, Mar. 19, 2006

Critics of new James Bond are a royale pain

By Rich Copley

One of my pet peeves in this cultural observation thing is people who judge movies, plays and whatnot without having seen them.

It's a favorite pastime of hypersensitive religious and political leaders, but right now I find myself quite miffed with my fellow James Bond fans.

At issue is Craig, Daniel Craig, the new 007.Collapse )
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'I'm much happier playing messed-up guys...' [minor mention of Sean...]

[March 20, 2006]

'I'm much happier playing messed-up guys rather than the heroic lead. It's dull playing those parts'

(Western Mail Via Thomson Dialog NewsEdge)With his striking good looks and an acting dynasty to die for - no less than Dame Maggie Smith and the late Robert Stephens for his parents - you'd think that Toby Stephens would be cornering the market in dashing, romantic leading roles.

Instead, his forte seems to be quite the opposite; crazed Bond villains (Die Another Day), tormented Cold War intellectuals (Kim Philby in Cambridge Spies) and, about to start filming, the enigmatic and mysterious Mr Rochester in a new BBC adaptation of Jane Eyre.Collapse )