March 26th, 2006

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Sean spills Beans on jail time

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Sean spills Beans on jail time

Actor Sean Bean has revealed he has spent time behind bars - but it didn't bother him because he had a good night's sleep.

The star, whose movie credits include, 'The Lord Of The Rings' and 'The Island', refused to reveal why he was arrested, but reckons he had a good sleep in jail despite the limited bedroom facilities.

He said: "It was a long time ago. I had been a bit naughty. You get a sheet and a plastic cushion. I got a good night's kip."

Bean recently completed work on horror movie 'Silent Hill' where he stars alongside Radha Mitchell and Laurie Holden. He is currently working on a TV movie called 'Faceless' with director Joe Carnahan.,15384,1112911_movies,00.html

another fan searched this out:

From an article at the Complete Sean Bean 'The Villain of The Year'

In 1981, having discovered acting at Rotherham College of Art and Technology, Bean applied to RADA, the most prestigious of drama schools. 'I didn't even know there were any others,' he says. 'I just thought there were one big acting school everybody went to.' He got in, but his memories of RADA differ from the usual actorish reminiscences of starting out on the road to luvviedom. "I were done for ABH (actual bodily harm) when I were a student there. Me and a mate were looking for a party one Friday night.

Someone tried to shut the door on me and I ended up whacking 'im a couple of times. I got fined UKL50 "