March 27th, 2006


Sorry to bother.

I remember several weeks or months ago, there was a post about Sean appeared at a opening of a bar or pub in Sheffield with his friends. I can't find it now, can anyone help me with it? Thanks a lot!

BTW, besides the Sheffield United FC, is there any other place a Bean girl should go to have a look in Sheffield? Sorry to bother you guys. Many thanks! :)
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Sean and the celeb match...

Gazza to pull on England top again

Sunday March 26, 08:37 AM

Paul Gascoigne and Boris Becker are to star in a celebrity England v Germany football match to celebrate the 40th anniversary of England's 1966 World Cup victory.

Actor Sean Bean will line up for the home side alongside former players Chris Waddle, Graeme Le Saux and Matt Le Tissier.Collapse )
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Catch 'Sharpe's Challenge' in the UK

3-26-06 Latest News

Catch 'Sharpe's Challenge' in the UK
Xoanon @ 10:44 pm EST

Evie sends along word that the British Academy of Film and Television Arts is screening 'Sharpe's Challenge' on April 3rd at Princess Anne Theatre. Take a look below for more info.

Sharpe's Challenge
Monday 3 April
Princess Anne Theatre
18:30 Reception
19:00 Screening
Followed by a Q&A with Bernard Cornwell, author of the Sharpe novels, and members of the cast and crew.

Sharpe's ChallengeCollapse )
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A little Sean from Oblivion

First sorry for the quality of this sound track file,the softie my friend has is not free,so every 60 seconds it adds some horrible noise to the track,-_-b...And for those who wanta play game,this file is a slight spoiler,so you are warned.Collapse )