April 13th, 2006

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Egg, chips and Bean is the perfect menu

many thanks to Moonlustie for the scan

Egg, chips and Bean is the perfect menu

[13-April '06 Daily Express]

None of that foreign muck for Sheffield lad Sean Bean. When the rugged actor, 46, filmed the latest Sharpe drama in Jaipur, India, he insisted on being provided with traditional British grub rather than sampling the local spicy cuisine. "It's in my contract that I get Western food, not just curry at every meal," he says. "I make sure there are eggs, chips, bacon and beans available."

After a break of eight years Sean is reprising his role as the heroic captain. In this installment Sharpe must fend off the advances of a scheming femme fatale played by Padma Lakshmi, Salman Rushdie's sultry wife.

"I get to ride horses, I get to fence and I get to kiss beautiful women," he says. "It's not such a bad job." All that and chips with everything, too.

*scan provided by Moonlustie
*transcription by §fyre
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