April 14th, 2006

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TVLand: Sharpe returns ..full of Beans

TVLand: Sharpe returns ..full of Beans.(Features)

The Mirror (London, England); 2/24/2006

HE swashbuckled off our screens eight years ago, but now Sharpe is back in action! This is the first shot of Sean Bean as the rough-and-ready soldier, who ns to duty for Sharpe's Challenge, to be shown on ITV1 in April.

We last saw him fighting the Battle of Waterloo. Since then, Sharpe has been farming in France, but after his wife dies the Duke of Wellington sends him to India.

There, his mate Harper (Daragh Malley) needs rescuing, there's the odd uprising to be quashed, and a lovely lady in need of, ahem, attention. Gripping stuff.


BACK IN ACTION: Sean as Sharpe

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Sean the sheep lover

Sean the sheep lover.(News)

Wales On Sunday (Cardiff, Wales); 4/9/2006
Byline: By Wales on Sunday

He's one of the nation's favourite baddies but Sean Bean jumped at playing a part in a movie about demented Welsh sheep!

Although the scary script kept him up all night, Goldeneye star Sean said it was a relief not to play a psychotic in Welsh-based film The Dark.

Although the film is a horror flick, Sean's character James is a normal down-to-earth guy and the actor couldn't be more relieved.

'It really is nice to play just an ordinary guy. I do like playing villains but it's nice to have a break from that. James is a very free-spirited sort of guy. He's a sculptor and interested in very artistic things. He loves to be on his own in the wilderness.'

Filmed in the Isle of Man but based on a Welsh novel, called Sheep, by writer Simon Maginn, the movie stars Sean as a recently separated man who moves to Wales to find solace.

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In America there's a 'The Amityville Horrora'... in the U.K. there is a 'the dark'...

In America there's a 'The Amityville Horror'... in the U.K. there is a 'the dark'...(Entertainment)

Manila Bulletin; 3/6/2006

A grief-stricken family, a tragedy-haunted house on the cliffs of Wales and a small townas secret history.

In an attempt to pull her family together, New Yorker Adele Tullian travels with her daughter Sarah to Anglesey, Wales in the U.K. to visit her contractor father - James Tullian.

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THE PONY EXCESS - very minor mention of Sean and Orlando and Eric....

THE PONY EXCESS; How amazing stuntwoman Camilla turned our Samantha into a true pro in an afternoon - just like she did for star Angelina Jolie.(News)

Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland); 2/9/2006
Byline: By Samantha Booth

ANGELINA Jolie looks like the perfect horsewoman in blockbuster sequel Tomb Raider 2.

The stunning actress never looked sexier than when she was riding side saddle in tight jodhpurs and knee-high boots. And when she had to spin her rifle while riding at a full gallop through a thick forest, she looked like a true pro.

As did Orlando Bloom during the chariot races in Troy and 28 Days Later actor Cillian Murphy when his character, The Scarecrow, rampaged through Gotham City on horseback in Batman Begins.Collapse )
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okay.... the dark

okay... finally got the dvd (it wasn't available at the store I tried on Tuesday - grrr)...

anyone not wishing to be spoiled should delete this message.... (though nothing too detailed contained below - just lots of gushing :) )

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