April 15th, 2006

For Brazilian Fans

Dani asked me if I can make these post, so here it is.
Dani made recently a Sean Bean Brasil Forum. For all Brazilian Fan in these World. There we can discuss, drool and let Sean melt our brain with eachother.
If you're interest, go visit Sean Bean Brasil

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Hope that's ok, if not tell me
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Nona just updated the Compleat pages for the Harris Sharpe VideoDiaries - Video #6 should be coming out soon. I couldn't resist posting this most recent shot of Sean with Jason Salkey at a screening of Sharpe's Challenge on April 6th (sporting the new "Faceless" look).  I just can't resist this man's smile  *swoon*

For more pictures, click

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First post...

Hello all!

Did you hear that Sean's beloved Sheffield United have secured their Premiership place for next season thanks to today's result in the Leeds game?

Imagine having the good fortune to be standing next to His Lusciousness when that particular result came in!!!

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