April 17th, 2006

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Radio Times: Sharpe's Challenge listings...



Sharpe's Challenge

9:00pm - 10:30pm

ITV1 London

VIDEO Plus+: 9168
Subtitled, Widescreen

First of a two-part story that sees Colonel Sharpe return for his most dangerous mission to date. A year after Wellington crushes Napoleon, dispatches from India tell of a Maharaja who is threatening British interests and is in cahoots with an officer-turned-rogue. Upon his arrival, Sharpe realises the situation is far worse than Wellington made out. A British General's daughter has been kidnapped and the Maharaja has recruited solidiers from Napoleon's former army. Collapse )
Crown on blonde queen

Premiere Magazine Scan

I just received my copy of the May issue of Premiere magazine, short article 'Scene Stealer' of our Beanie and thus I scanned it:

Click for full size. (click again to expand) My apologies if this has been posted already.
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