April 20th, 2006

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How Sharpe cut out the curry and ate all the pies . . .

How Sharpe cut out the curry and ate all the pies . . .

SWASHBUCKLING Sharpe actor Sean Bean has revealed what kept him going during a gruelling filming schedule in India - tinned British pies.

Nearly a decade after the Sheffield actor's big break as rugged Sharpe, the star says he was delighted to dust off his sword and get back in the saddle to reprise the role that kick-started his Hollywood career.

Picking up where Richard Sharpe's story left off in the wake of Napoleon's crushing defeat at Waterloo, Sharpe's Challenge begins with frightening tales of a blood-thirsty Maharaja who is threatening British interests in India.

But Sean confessed he sometimes really missed traditional British grub while filming the new show.Collapse )
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Mum's the Word on 'Silent Hill'

Mum's the Word on 'Silent Hill'
Sisters are doing if for themselves in this video game-inspired horror flick
Hanh Nguyen

April 19 2006

LOS ANGELES -- In "Silent Hill," Radha Mitchell plays the mother of a girl whose sleep is disturbed by buried memories of a town called Silent Hill, something Mitchell could relate to when shooting the video game-inspired horror flick.Collapse )
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Sharpe's back!

Thursday, 20th April 2006
Sharpe's back!
Ian Wylie

HE'S BACK: Sean BeanSEAN Bean's buckle is swashed. After a nine-year absence, he's back in the saddle and ready for a fight. Sharpe's Challenge (ITV1, Sunday and Monday, 9pm) sees him return to the role of Richard Sharpe for the first time since May 1997, having previously starred in five series of Sharpe adventure films.

"It's quite a bizarre feeling bringing him back to life, picking up a sword again and putting on the green jacket," says the Yorkshire-born star about the role that originally sent him on his way to Hollywood.

The new two-part story was filmed in India, where Colonel Sharpe investigates what turns out to be his most dangerous mission to date, as British interests find themselves under a grave threat.Collapse )
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EXCLUSIVE Still Sharpe onscreen, but Sean says his days as an absentee father are over.(News)

The People (London, England); 4/16/2006

Byline: By JON WISE

WITH his steely pitiless eyes, jutting jaw and "100 per cent Blades" tattoo proclaiming his passion for Sheffield United, it's easy to see how Sean Bean became TV's No1 tough guy.

Wearing his trademark tan leather jacket, he exudes an air of menace that's as pungent as the corrosive French cigarette he's puffing on.

The slightest wrong word might make him explode, you tell yourself. So it's a bit of a surprise to find the actor has a rarely seen softer side, at least where his children are concerned.

Sean, who was born to play the gritty Napoleonic War hero Richard Sharpe, admits that a life on location away from his three daughters has been "heartbreaking". Collapse )
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A WEEK IN QUOTES - Sean excerpt....

showbiz: A WEEK IN QUOTES.(Features)

Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland); 4/16/2006

I get to ride horses, I get to fence and I get to kiss lots of women. It's not such a bad job really

Sean Bean reveals why being TV hero Sharpe is fun

COPYRIGHT 2006 Scottish Daily Record & Sunday
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INDIA AT THE SHARPE END escape india In the footsteps of Wellington -and fictional hero Sharpe - BILL COLES marches off to the battle sites of southern India.

The Daily Mail (London, England); 4/12/2006


In the footsteps of Wellington -and fictional hero Sharpe -BILL COLES marches off to the battle sites of southern India WALKING through the rubble of the Gawilghur gatehouse in the state of Maharashtra in central India, I had an eerie sense of the scores of British redcoats who fought and died on the same spot.

For to visit a battle site is to have a strange communion with the past and with those who have trodden the same turf before you.Collapse )
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Stepping out of The Dark into the spotlight

Stepping out of The Dark into the spotlight.(News)

Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales); 4/10/2006

Schoolgirl actress Abigail Stone has revealed how working with heart-throb Sean Bean made her mum jealous. Abigail, 13, beat hundreds of other hopefuls to star in horror film The Dark, which was released in cinemas across the country on Friday. And she was given loads of hugs by pin-up Bean, star of Lord of the Rings and TV show Sharpe. Abigail said, 'My mum was so jealous - she's got a real crush on him. He really is so good looking up close. In one of the scenes he gives me a big hug and it made me go all dizzy.

'I couldn't believe this huge Hollywood star was hugging me!' Collapse )
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Silent Hill

By: Rohan Mulgaonkar
Issue date: 4/20/06 Section: The Scene

Silent Hill

Based on the successful videogame, Silent Hill delves into the dark world of fear and death. The film stars Radha Mitchell (Finding Neverland, Man on Fire) as Rose, a young woman who, against the wishes of her husband Christopher (Sean Bean), ventures into the town of Silent Hill to look for her daughter Sharon. But Silent Hill isn't an ordinary town.

Rose gets help from a local police officer named Cybil (Laurie Holden). The two wander through the town, looking for Sharon while learning about the creepy, secluded place. They soon discover Silent Hill has a terrifying secret. It's not home to human beings. Rose and Cybil must battle disfigured creatures and help a few human inhabitants fight the forces of darkness. But to find Sharon, Rose has to face an even greater obstacle: the grim reaper himself.

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I'M Still Sharpe

I'M Still Sharpe
Apr 20, 09:40 AM


Sean Bean actually gained the role of Richard Sharpe thanks to Paul McGann injuring his knee just before filming. Now, he claims not to remember pushing through a high pay demand to become the internationally famous all-action hero of TV. STEVE PRATT reports

IT was never meant to be. Paul McGann was supposed to be swashbuckling hero of the Napoleonic Wars, Richard Sharpe. When filming began on the TV series in August 1992, he'd been cast in the role. Then, two days into shooting, he fell over during a friendly game of football and tore a ligament in his knee.

Doctors said it would be six months before he was strong enough for all the riding, running and fighting that a hero did. Collapse )
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ITV's Drama Site: Sharpe's Challenge

Sunday at 9.00pm on ITV1

A year after Wellington crushes Napoleon at Waterloo, dispatches from India tell of a local Maharaja, Khande Rao, who is threatening British interests there. Wellington calls upon Sharpe to investigate on what turns out to be his most dangerous mission to date.Collapse )
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Sean Bean - I will return - wallpaper

I Will Return
For I, will live in your life
And all your sorrow will be gone.
And I, will sing out my songs,
Will right my wrongs the best I can
And I will be free
Long before the silence fills the air.
For we have met in this life
To dance in the light, in the time we have.
And I, will call out your name
And through my pain
You will understand
The lovers' song, though love will on
Long, long after life is gone
So, just let me sing
So I may live again.
I will return, oh I will return
You can hear the echoes say.
From out of the night and into the light
I will return one day, one day.
And I will die in your arms
And all my sorrow, will be gone.
And all the things in my life,
I held so dear, must leave me now.
But I will live on
Long, after the silence,
Ends the song.

*lyrics - Steve McDonald

fullsized wallpaper 1024x768 behind the Collapse )