May 31st, 2006

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Sean on UK TV tonight 31st May

according to the BBB:

Sean on UK TV tonight 31st May

How England Won the World Cup: Revealed
Sean Bean narrates this documentary marking the 40th anniversary of England's 1966 World Cup triumph, which culminated in a thrilling final against West Germany at Wembley. The film features interviews with all 10 surviving members of the Cup final team, as they recall the event and the day they were crowned champions of the world
Showing Today at 8:00PM on Five

From tonight's telly listings in Time Out

I know we've all seen this pic before but it's appropriate.

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How England won the World Cup
8.00-9.00pm Five

It's impressive to note that every survivor of the 1966 team turns out to help narrator and comparable national hero Sean Bean 'reveal' the story of England's World Cup winning side, although that's probably mainly because other channels have chosen more original ways to mark the build-up to this year's tournament. Even if the anecdotes and archive are over-familiar, it remains a great yarn, from Pickles and the wingless wonders through to Argentinian animals and a Russian linesman (a pity the North Koreans don't get a bit more credit for their equally extraordinary achievements, however). Perfectly proficient but not unmissable, unless you number recent football converts among your household.

Or if you're a total Bean-addict in need of your daily fix.

I reckon the team survivors just wanted to be in a programme featuring the Bean and no doubt Pickles would be there too were he still alive.