June 28th, 2006

A Macbeth movie with Sean?

From Empire Online:

The Scottish Play's The Thing
Sean Bean in Macbeth
Source: Variety

Shakespeare’s getting the movie treatment again. The lucky Bard.

This time it’s the ever-popular Macbeth being shoved through the adaptation wringer once more, with The Jacket’s John Maybury directing Vincent Regan’s script Come Like Shadows.

Sean Bean – who last played the bloodied Scot in a stage run three years ago – is the lead, with Narnia’s Tilda Swinton stepping into the role of Lady Macbeth. According to Variety, the film will use a period setting, but will be accessible to modern audiences.


Does anyone knows if this is true?

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More info about ''the Macbeth project'' :P

"Shadows" Descend On Bean & Swinton

Wednesday June 28th 2006 1:37am
Production Weekly
Garth Franklin 

Sean Bean and Tilda Swinton are set to star in "Come Like Shadows," an adaptation of Shakespeare's "Macbeth" that is slotted to shoot in Scotland in late fall reports

A traditional
period piece designed for a contemporary audience, John Maybury ("The Jacket") will direct a script adaptation by Vincent Regan. Bean will play Macbeth, a role he essayed in London's West End three years ago, and Swinton will play his wife Lady Macbeth.

Steven Soderbergh is aboard as executive producer. Luc Besson also is part of the mix, with the film set to use his EuropaCorp post-production facility in Normandy, France.


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