July 25th, 2006


A Sean Challenge

I have been issued a Challenge (haha, get it? Sharpe's Challenge....). Just talked to a good friend of mine on the phone and she's like "who the heck is Sean Bean?" I know what you're all thinking, but there ya go. *waves to Susan*

Anyway, I've gathered some of my fave links and also my absolute fave photo of Sean. I'd invite you to add your fave pic and/or link in the comments if you so desire. And why you think he's the hottest thing around. And why we lust after him. And why we get so terribly silly/guh over the man. And why..... *blush* LOL Thank you in advance. Hmm, not sure if she's ready for the bum shots quite yet....but we'll get her there. *grin*



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