February 11th, 2007

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Life is cruel...

(As I just posted on my own LJ):

Why is it that you only have awesome dreams (or dreams only ever get to the most awesome part) about three seconds before you wake up? WHY?! *flails all over again*

Imagine the scene:

Sharpe. [*dances* I dreamt of Sharpe! First time ever! Wheee!]

Sharpe played by Bean (of course).

Sharpe played by Bean on a ship and in uniform.

Yes, Sharpe played by Bean in something like 'Hornblower.'

[I KNOW! O_o Are your hormones in meltdown yet?]

Now... imagine, further, that said Monsieur Sharpe (who is suddenly in the navy rather than the army) has noticed there is a damsel on board [yes, that would be you-know-who... shush]. Further, while his shirt is already all loose and dishevelled and his waistcoat is undone and he has no jacket on [*GROWL*], he at that same moment suddenly feels the urge to remove his shirt for reasons best known to himself. As he starts to do exactly that...


*head-desks herself into a coma*

Life just isn't fair, sometimes.


So, what dreams have you ever had about Sean either as himself or in his various guises (that are fit for public telling, that is, without an NC-17 warning being slapped on them)? ;D

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Sean Dream :)

When i read your dream, boz4pm, i decided to rumage through my dream Journal and find a dream of Bean that wasnt nc-17.  Shockingly there wernt that many that were nc17... but there were a few.  Anyway, here is one that i liked and wanted to share with you. 

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