March 6th, 2007

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  • boz4pm

Boromir Icons (in honour of B2MEM)

If you didn't know, March is 'Back to Middle-Earth Month' - where you try and do something LOTR related every week throughout the month. My first post is some icons, of which lots are of Aragorn, but several are of Boromir and our beloved Bean.

There are 14 images/base icons, but 27 icons in total:
17 Aragorn
6 Boromir
2 Boromir & Aragorn
3 'Fellowship & Lothlorien'


a. b. c.

You can find the rest here on my LJ.

As ever - credit and comments are much appreciated, but never obligatory.  Just don't hotlink, please.  Also - feel free to use 'blank' icons as bases if you so wish.