March 27th, 2007


Hey all!

I'm new to this totally fantabulous comm! Many thanks to the maintainers for making it possible :)

I've been a fan of Mr Bean since I first started watching Sharpe, back when it was on ITV a long looong time ago. Wednesday was Sharpe night which meant all homework had to be done before 8 ;) Anyhow, so, that's where my main sqeeage (how *do* you spell that?) still lies but since my mate introduced me to the joys of Lady Chatterly, well, let's just say I've never looked back ;) I was also lucky enough to see Mr Bean at St Pancras train station one day. I went out with a guy from Yorkshire for a while so spent quite a lot of time there and this one time Sean was just there, going up on the escalator. My boyfriend pointed him out and I was just like "GAH". Actually it was quite embarrassing cos Sean saw me TOTALLY gawping at him and, uh, yeah. Twas not good. So then I had to call my mate and be like OMFG I JUST SAW SEAN BEAN and then I was thinking I'd go and try to talk to him but when got up to the platform couldn't see him. My then boyfriend, being the lovely helpful guy that he is suggested he might be in the bar so I went and was really blatentently looking in when... Sean walked STRAIGHT past me from behind and I nearly died of shame and that's about the end of that. Cept that when I went to see my bf to his seat we saw Sean sitting in first class. Fuck he's hot!! So totally HOT! but yeah. Enough of all this- two (quite large) pics for you...

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