August 30th, 2007

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Sean in Venice !

Sean is in Venice for the Venice Film Festival : 

Screening at the Venice Biennale !

Far North will be screened at the 64th Venice Film Festival (Aug.29 - Sept.8) at Venezia Notte (Out of Competition). The running time is listed as 89 minutes.

Up to now there are only watermarked pics : here under is a small cropped version. As soon as I have them without watermarks I'll post them !

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Bean films Arctic nude scene, twice

Actor Sean Bean filmed a nude scene in minus 40 degree temperatures for his new movie.
Bean stars in Far North as a fugitive in the Arctic tundra given shelter by two tribeswomen who compete for his affections.

The low-budget drama from British director Asif Kapadia was filmed on location in Svalbard, an archipelago midway between Norway and the North Pole.

Far North is screening at the Venice Film Festival and Bean attended with his co-star, Bond girl and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon actress Michelle Yeoh.

Kapadia said: "We were shooting out of one of the northernmost settlements in the world.

"We needed armed protection everywhere we went in case we came across a hungry polar bear. The unit lived in a Russian ice breaker which travelled overnight to each new location as we slept.

"At times the temperature dropped to minus 40 degrees. Getting ready to go on set involved a good hour to get dressed - putting on the thermal layers, waterproof layers, layers of socks, boots, gloves, hats and life jackets."

He said of Bean's nude scene: "We awoke to find the first snow of the winter had fallen. We had discussed the idea of Sean doing this scene naked, but now the time arrived. Sean knew it was right for the character and the scene, so without too much pressure he did it - twice!"

Kapadia said he chose Sharpe star Bean for the role because he knew the actor would be able to cope with the harsh conditions.

"I felt he understood what I wanted to do and he seemed a tough character who would be able to deal with the conditions and would bring something special to the role," he said. Kapadia won two Baftas for his debut feature, The Warrior. Far North is based on a six-page short story by Sara Maitland.

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To make this legal :

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Hello everyone! :)
Just to say that we've uploaded some hi-res wireimage photos of Sean's recent appearance at the 64th Venice Film Festival - "Far North" - Photocall, you can view them HERE!

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Have a great day! ^^