August 4th, 2008

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Mod's post

Another mod's post, twice in a week ! Won't make a habit of it, I promise !

Earlier this week I made a post about mythicdove   no longer being a mod on bean_daily   and look_sharpe   I took over both comms (look_sharpe   with kittylass   as co-mod)

Apart from that,  I guess all you who are Bean fans know mythicdove   was webmistress for the wonderful website Full Of Beans. She told me she no longer had the time to update and keep it going. Between the two of us we made a deal and I took it over, putting the stuff I did not have, and was hard to get onto my website.

That means I have a lot of "new" material on my site, which I worked on almost non stop from Thursday evening. It also means that there will be a re-direct from Full of Beans to my site, and FOB will no longer exist, but has kind of merged with my site.

Anyway, the files and other things are in safety and I will go on posting them onto the The Mighty Bean

One more thing : thanks to Lynn, who once started FOB, and mythicdove  for have done such a brilliant job on the website.
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