October 4th, 2008

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Daily beans

For amygirl who asked me for my favourite pics. Of course that is very difficult to say, there are so many I love. Still I managed to pick out four that are, at this moment, my favourite ones. The first one I got from Mandy, who had the opportunity to meet Sean more than once. I love everything about this picture, the way he's dressed, his haircut, the way he sits, and those long fingers. The second one because I love him as a father, and the way he looks at his girls is just so lovely. The third one is simply because I think he looks beautiful, as there are so many beautiful Sharpe pictures; he seems to fit this character so very well. The last one may not be the best quality, but it's from the FOTR EE extra's, and it made me fall for him .I still love that interview. He seems so at ease, without his usual shyness.

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