January 25th, 2009

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No pic spam today, as it's the burthday of this comm! bean_daily 6 years today!

As caras_galadhon suggested : Ok, this is an insane idea, but what about having people post Bean pictures with a theme of "6?" It could be the 6th movie he was ever in, 6 favourite pictures, Sean standing on 6th Street, pictures with 6 of some sort of element in them, etc., etc...

If you want to make a post please try and do it into this entry so we will have it all together(comment and use the html code from you Photobucket or other host)

I had a very busy week, not mych time to prepare so I made a quick wallpaper, with 6 pictures of Sean that mean something to me. I hope a lot of you will make a post too! Have fun and Happy Birthday!

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