January 25th, 2011



Can't believe I've been here 6 out of the 8 years ... here are some of my favourite pics of Sean:


I could have posted quite a few more "suggestible" pictures, but I thought I'd keep it a family show LOL!
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Happy happy birthday !!

Govi this is for you, and all your co-workers on our Daily Beans . It is a favourite as weel, so......wouldn't it be grrreat if he did . . . . eeeeooorrrgh Rape and pillage all round .....Have a ggod day !
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what a fabulous Daily Beans this will be when completed - Send a copy to Himself - I'm sure he'd enjoy, and have a great bellylaugh !! We do all wish him happy, and for years and years more of our Daily Beans ! Happy Birthday indeed!
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My Bean picspam

It's still the 25th here, so I'd like to wish bean_daily a very happy 8th birthday, to thank govi20 for being a fantastic mod, and to offer my own favorites.

Image-heavy, mostly large pics, not dialup-friendly. I think I let it get a little out of hand, but he's SO beautiful, I couldn't resist. :)

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