September 12th, 2011

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Daily Beans

The last weeks we've travelled along Sean's villains or bad boys and I we should be done, but ...

In 1992, Sean filmed a short sequence for a projected British tv pilot set in Hitler's bunker during the last days of the Third Reich. Sean played Rudolf Hess; Ian Bartholomew played Joseph Goebbels and Miles Anderson was cast as Hitler in Inside the Wolf's Lair. The three-day shoot was directed by Paul Street at Bray Studios. Intended as a psychological study into the Third Reich, the pilot (and projected tv series) didn't get past the development phase and was never picked up.

I was lucky enough to find this short sequence, probably the only recording and bought it. Sean is and looks great in it! So today pictures from a definite villain, because I made screen captures. Maybe it comes as a shock to see Sean in that horrible uniform, but it comes with the part.

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