November 19th, 2013

Carol & Jeanne

Carol's funeral is today at 11am in Rotterdam

Crematorium Alphen a/d Rijn
Verlengde Aarkade 22
2406 LB Alphen a/d Rijn

Jeanne's funeral is also today at 2.30pm in Romford
Aldersbrook Road,
Manor Park,
E12 5DQ​

Please take a moment out of your day to think of them and send them on their way with a smile
Recall their stories and friendship
United now and forever in our hearts


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and for them a wonderful manip done by a friend

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RIP Jeanne & Carol

A picture taken back in 2007 on one of the many occasions that I met them both. Always so kind and so generous - I will miss them both. They were taken so quickly I am still reeling and can't believe they are not around any more - may they both rest in peace. (Actually they're probably both up to mischief already!)

Jeanne and Carol photo JeanneandCarol2007.jpg
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A Beautiful Day

Dear All

I have literally just got back in through the door from Moom's funeral but felt that you would like to hear what a wonderful send off Jeanne got.

I met up with Lotte and we drove in together in the beautiful sunshine. It was as if Carol and Jeanne had ordered it especially. At the cemetery we met up with Donnadoobie who had taken 3 trains to get in to London.

Imagine our surprise when as we filed to go into the chapel we were approached by Leila Chatterley who had flown in from Norway for the send off.

The service was beautiful. we filed into the sounds of Elgar's Enigma Variations and the service was more of a humanist ceremony. The gentleman doing the service talked about Jeanne's life and how she brightened the lives of everybody who knew her. He talked of how Jeanne and Dave met at University and how they married the day after they graduated. That they had had a long and happy marriage and how the family was strong and loved each other.

He made us laugh by talking about "The elephant in the room" and the fact that there were actually 3 people in their marriage. Jeanne, Dave and of course Viggo. He also spoke of how much Jeanne liked to write and how she had a story printed in SHE magazine. Lotte mentioned later that if he had known what type of stories Jeanne and Carol had liked to write he might not have said it with such a straight face, which made us laugh.

He talked of her friendship with Carol and how by chance her funeral was taking place today as well. Dave was sobbing through most of the ceremony as was I I'm afraid. Helen his daughter was sat next to him and comforted him. Cath and Nina were there with the twins and they behaved impeccably throughout.

We then had a song - Beautiful Day by Elbow - to listen to and reflect on our thoughts of Jeanne. I couldn't help thinking what an amazing song and so apt for the day as I gazed out through the windows of the chapel and saw the autumn leaves on the trees wavering in the brilliant sunshine. Yes it was a beautiful day

As the service came to an end we listened to Annie Lennox - Into the West (from ROTK) and as we filed out we spied a picture of Sean and Viggo taken at TIFF several years ago. We said our goodbyes and went out into the sunshine again. Helen has since said this picture was placed inside the coffin with Jeanne for her to take with her

We talked outside and exchanged stories about Jeanne with her old friends from Obsession. Then we drove to Hainault Golf Course for the wake.

Dave was very pleased to see us all and thanked us for coming. Nina and Cath were so pleased we had had time to come as well. I spoke to Helen and said I would print off all your memorium messages and send them to her as she and the family wanted to make a book up of people's thoughts and best wishes. I think I will include all the Birthday wishes also as it seems appropriate.

Then unfortunately it was time for us to depart as I had to get Lotte home for her children's school parents evening. I drove Leila and Donna to the station and we said our goodbyes.

It was a beautiful send off and Jeanne would have been proud
I'm sorry I can't write much more, suffice to say I will miss our Moom's and Carol very much

Here is the picture the family chose to send Jeanne off with

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