March 5th, 2014

I'm Away

Dear All

I am now away until the 16th March sunning myself in the Canaries.

Bluegerl has kindly offered to post the daily pics and Sunday Spam for me until I get back
Could I ask one of you (Moonlustie maybe?) just to share her posts on the Sean Bean (TMB) Facebook and Twitter feed (TMBLoucifer67) as she couldn't link them up to her account (despite valiant efforts to do so). I'm not sure what Internet if any I am going to get whilst I'm away and I would hate to deprive anyone of Bean Goodness. I have shared todays pics with the message I'm incommunicado so to speak so there shouldn't be too many withdrawal symptoms to deal with but If someone could just forward the dialy post I'd be very grateful

See you all when I get back

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