January 8th, 2015

TMB Needs Your help

Dear All

Fundraising is the aim

As you may be aware there is always a cost incurred when running a website etc so I would like to ask that you consider making a donation towards the renewal and continuation of TMB (The website and Forum). The Livejournal, Twitter and Facebook accounts are free so it's just my time and I don't charge for that (cos it's fun and I love doing it)

www.themightybean.com (website)
www.themightybean.net (forum)

Money raised will also help pay for the upkeep of the following which are all needed to run the site for you

Domain Name (2yr hosting)
A Drive (For all those Clips and Media uploaded)
Slickpics (Picture Hosting)
Rapidgater (Downloader for TV Shows)

So please consider a donation via paypal, it doesn't matter how big or small as all donations will be gratefully received.

This is your community and I'd like to keep it running for you.

www.paypal.com (loucifer67@themightybean.com)
or donate via the website paypal button

Thank you


And to keep this legal


TMB Needs You


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