*koulagirl (koulagirl666) wrote in bean_daily,

Enemy of Man update

Still nothing solid, but the latest Kickstarter 'update' has Our Sean re-confirmed to participate, with some rewards potentially shipping soon.

Update on Sean

Once again, apologies for keeping you in the dark for so long. I have been working away behind the scenes trying to get the project back on track since the Justin Kurzel/Michael Fassbender Macbeth torpedoed us below deck!!!

The good news is that Sean is back on board and looking forward to playing Macbeth. I believe now some time has passed audience and critics will be prepared to look at the material with fresh eyes.

I was hoping to announce our Lady Macbeth but alas that is no longer the case and the search still continues.

I have at last tracked down the T shirts and along with the posters I hope to have them all delivered in time for Christmas.

I will also be meeting new investors soon and will have a better idea as to when we will eventually go into production.

I will make every effort to keep you all informed of my progress and I know how frustrating it has been for you all not having updates. I apologise for this unreservedly.

Unlike other Kickstarter projects this a behemoth and succeptible to all the vagaries of the film industry. It is a marathon and not a sprint.

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding.
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