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Sean will be in Cologne, Germany on Oct 5 and 6 to collect the award and have a talk with the audience after the screening of 2 eps of Broken, and another talk the next morning at 11am
The Hollywood Reporter Award

In recent years it’s become a running joke on the internet to predict the demise of Sean Bean’s characters – and not only because he has more on-screen deaths than most actors but also because his death scenes actually mean something. What seems like a droll internet meme is actually an indication of the great craft of an actor who started out far away from Hollywood on classical stage productions and on British TV: He was never destined be the immortal superhero. He was never a superstar, but a real actor. No matter if he was starring in LORD OF THE RINGS, GAME OF THRONES, GOLDENEYE or ACCUSED: time and again he demonstrated his talent to play vulnerable, often deeply flawed and ultimately very human characters, who tend to walk the moral edge – former bad guys trying in vain to become the hero, or former good guys so disillusioned that they become the villain. And no matter if they die, or fail, or just walk away, it always is genuinely moving.

Sean Bean is this year’s recipient of the Hollywood Reporter Award for his seminal acting work as a traumatised priest in BROKEN. Another painfully vulnerable, deeply flawed character – but one we hope won’t die anytime soon.

Sean Bean will be available for a public workshop talk about his craft and his career on October 6th 2017.

Since 2007 the Hollywood Reporter Award is given for an outstanding contribution in cinema and TV by a distinguished filmmaker.

Source: http://filmfestival.cologne/en/film-festival-cologne-award/the-hollywood-reporter-award/
Broken - TV-Serie | GB 2017 | 2x57’ (6x57’) | englische OV

Donnerstag, 05. Oktober 2017 18:00 Uhr Filmpalast

Der katholische Priester Michael Kerrigan versucht in seiner verarmten Gemeinde im Norden Englands zu retten, was zu retten ist: Armut, Gewalt, soziale Ungerechtigkeit, Hoffnungslosigkeit – mehr als die Symptome lindern kann auch ein Priester nicht. Noch dazu einer, dessen traumatische Kindheit ihn eigentlich immer weiter von der Kirche wegtreibt. Als Teil des neuen britischen Realismus ist BROKEN manchmal grausam in seiner Schonungslosigkeit und Verzweiflung über die sozialen Umstände im modernen Großbritannien – aber nie verlogen oder sensationalistisch. Mit dem sensiblen Sean Bean in der Hauptrolle und dem legendären Jimmy McGovern (THE STREET) hinter den Kulissen ist dies der moderne Standard der sozialrealistischen Melodrama-Serie.

Im Anschluss an den Film gibt es ein exklusives Q&A mit Sean Bean und Liam Keelan, Director of Scripted Content, BBC Worldwide.

Source: http://filmfestival.cologne/festivalreihen-2017/top-ten-tv/broken/

Sean Bean will be available for a public workshop talk about his craft and his career on October 6th 2017: Award Winner Workshop Talks

free admission

Friday, 06. October 2017 11:00 hrs Filmforum

In these workshop talk the award recipients of the Film Festival Cologne give insight into their creative process. Internationally renowned champions of the TV and cinema industry will hold extensive 45-minute Q&As in the Filmforum NRW. Among others, there will be Jane Campion (Film Award Cologne), Margarethe von Trotta (TV Spielfilm Award), Sean Bean (The Hollywood Reporter Award), Kevin Macdonald (phoenix Award) and the recipient of the Film Award NRW discussing their work.

Source: http://filmfestival.cologne/en/lectures-2017/award-winner-workshop-talks/


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