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Giving back what has been taken


For a long time I have leeched Bean goodness from many places around the web this community in particular.

I am getting ready to format my HD and so am uploading everything into my server as a back up.

Bandwidth is not a problem so if you want my entire Bean Pictures Folder ( all 15.7megs of it ) you can get the zip file here . It should be there for a week or so.

There are pictures, wallpapers, screen caps, LJ icons, LJ mood theme and scans. Since they usually just sit on my HD I didn't bother with credits or remembering where it came from. If they are yours, I am sorry, I will take it off line as soon as I beat my laptop into submission again.

I take no credit for anything in this file!

Thank you all for all the pictures I've been stealing over the months, hopefully you will find some you haven't seen yet!

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