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I have Beanitis...

Time to 'fess up. I have a lingering illness called "Beanitis."

A few weeks ago, chosenlass offered to send me a copy of Bean's "Windprints" after I drooled and swooned over her icon which featured a very-blonde-Bean cap from the movie.

So, I eagerly popped the video in last night and held my breath, waiting to see my man Bean. I lost track of time, but I was glued to the tv for about 2 hours. And the end result???

I fell in love with the man's elbows. His elbows!!!! LMAO. They are gorgeous, especially in "Windprints" as he has his sleeves rolled waaaaay up those long arms (and truthfully, his elbows haven't captured my eye in any other movie, but I shall be sure to pay more attention from now on and see if I get the same swoonie feeling).

Now ain't that just the darnest thing? *shakes head and looks around sheepishly* See here ... aren't they lovely, now?

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