Al-Zarqa aka Aregund aka Summerhawk (alzarqa) wrote in bean_daily,
Al-Zarqa aka Aregund aka Summerhawk


There's a song that plays in heavy rotation on the radio, which I love. Being the hopeless geek that I am, horribly suffering from Beanitis, it makes me think of Sean. *blush* So, I put together some images of him to go with the lyrics. It's nothing special, not very artistic, and if you're not familiar with the song it may not mean much, but I wanted to share: Click here.

[Images come from a variety of sources which I'm not able to recall exactly as I now have so many Bean pics and caps saved on my computer! I believe some of the screen caps are by sambora and nutmeg3 as posted in bean_daily or look_sharpe, and others are from Images not from tv/movies were collected from the Picture Gallery of]

And here's my all-time favorite photo of Sean:

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