momsalive1 (momsalive1) wrote in bean_daily,

NT info in the New York Times (now with a photo)

I clearly don't have enough to do.

Searched through today's New York Times summary of all the upcoming films for info on National Treasure. First thing I found was the full page ad showing one person in heroic pose. It was not Mr. Bean. Not even little faces of other people blurred in the background. I did notice, though, that of the six actor's names listed below the title (Cage, of course, was above the title) our guy was fourth. I think this shows his agent may actually be trying.

They gave alittle blurb, a few sentences, about lots of movies. In the two sentences summarizing the plot of NT, they mention only two actors and Sean is one of them. Not only that, but they refrain from calling him the bad guy: "Can Cage steal [the Declaration of Independence] before his British rival (Sean Bean) beats him to it?" To which any thinking person would answer: "Not if there is a God."

An irrelevant photo to make this legal; I think it shows Sean saying "I don't think Mr. Cage has one of these, does he?" In a nice way.
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