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My OnePic

Okay! I finally did it. A day late (or two), but are we really tired of seeing the results of the OnePic spam? (Warning: Some may be large.)

Okay. I finally narrowed it to one that drops me on multiple levels every single time.

Yep, Boromir won out. How I love me some Gondorian Goodness.

Totals of the Final Cut:
7 Sean, 7 Boromir, 2 BTZ, 1 Caravaggio, & 1 Sharpe
It took me two to three days to go through 4,414 files, 39 folders. I think I'm addicted to collecting pictures and screencaps. o_O

I'll post the runners up if this blasted thing will work right. *kicks LJ* Can I not preview a new post on a community? Is that the problem? Oh well, I'll post and if the lj-cut still works, I'll edit to add the others. :)

Yay me! Pic Spam time!

Runners Up:

What is it about a man who can use his weapon so effectively? Wait, think I just answered my own question. *le sigh*

Gods, so edible.

*squeakie!* I have this one on high-quality photo paper. *droooooool*


Okay, I know, this might be semi-odd (there's another more odd coming up), but this one makes me squeak in all manner of ways. *makes sad noises*

I have a completely unreasonable attachment to this one. Damned if I know why...but I likes it, yes I do.

Okay, those are my final Boromir pics. Here are the rest.

You know you knew which Caravaggio it was...so ultimately lickable.

*le sigh* The man just LOOKS GOOD.

This is probably my favorite pic from BTZ. I will stare for HOURS. Dirty, grimy, and OMGSoSexy. The profile, the nose, the cheekbones, the jawline, THE MOUTH. *meeeeeep!-thud*

I have nearly 600 Sharpe pics. This one still stands out as ultimately plotzworthy. The man knows how to STAND. So not fair. He can just stand there and drop me.

Okay, now to my Just Sean pics. *le sigh*

Now I think of a particular sonnet with this pic...thanks, Babie. :) "And darkly bright, are bright in dark directed." *swoons* One of my faves, andd what a sonnet to match it.

The eyes...need I say more? Okay, I like the beard too. ;)

I just really like this one. He looks so blessedly normal...and totally gorgeous.

Yeah, you know the blue jumper pics had to make the cut. And there's that stance again.

I seem to really like the 3/4 pics.

Okay, that's it...those were my final cut. 18 outta 4500. None too shabby.
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