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The Video Diaries of Rifleman Harris Part 1

Ok folks, here are the screencaps of the first episode. I'm afraid this will not be dial-up-friendly... The quality is not that good, but it gets better with the other episodes.
The Harris diaries are (c) of Jason Salkey. I made these caps for my LJ friends and communities only, so please don't post these pics on other websites. Thanks!
And now: have fun! :)

The Chosen Men

Sean shooting the last scene of "Sharpe's Gold" on the very first day

Sean eating spaghetti :)

Sean hiding from Jason's camera behind the door of his hotel room

Sean and his assistant

I have no idea what he's doing there!

Joking around with the hat of another rifleman

Sean joking around with the "Chosen men" on set

Sean reading a magazine, filmed by the ever present Jason...

.... realizing that he's been filmed and showing him what he is reading.

Sean attacking Jason and his camera with his sword

Sword practise. Jason's comment on the scene: "Sword fights were almost always exciting to watch. While in the Crimea, Sean took lessons from a Russian olympic fencing medalist. By the end of the shoot, Sean could wield a pretty mean sword, giving new meaning to '100% Blade'."

Sword practise continued..

Discussing a scene

"Is my costume still in shape?"

Sean's... um... backside. :)


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