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The Video Diaries of Rifleman Harris Episode 2 - Part 1

Okay, now on to the caps of the second episode. There's no way around splitting this post, because I made 59 caps of the second episode. Ahem.
I'll do caps of the other two episodes tomorrow.
Again, the Harris Diaries are (c) of Jason Salkey. Please don't post these pics on other websites, otherwise I'm sure Jason would get very angry with me! :)

Harris, Harper, Perkins and our favourite Major! :)

Close up picture

One problem during the shoot was the lack of water. Here the actors, including Sean, are waiting for news about the water shortage. Oh and "no more cockroaches, please!"

On movie sets you have to be very patient. What you do most of the time is waiting... Sean trying to relax on set.

Sean having breakfast....

Sean sleeping with Hagman / John Tams watching over him

Now, I thought this shot was interesting. This is obviously NOT Sean in the role of Sharpe. This is the man that was replaced by Sean after his injury: Paul McGann

I wonder what he's thinking...

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