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The Video Diaries of Rifleman Harris - Episode 4 - Part 1

Ok, here are the caps of the last episode. I'll split it up in three parts.

Ok, let's start with the traditional b/w picture... Sharpe and Harper

Another b/w pic of Sharpe...

Sean and Daragh talking on set...

Now, Jason answered a question I always wondered about after watching Sword for the first time. Where are the Chosen Men after Sharpe is shot down after the retreat from the fort? When Sean is about to film the scene, Jason's comments: "The next setup sees the French preparing to repel our attack to the fort. It also sets up the story of Sharpe's Sword. Our hero is mortally wounded while retreating from the night attack. Inexplicably, the 'Three-H-Club', Harper, Hagman and Harris, are ordered to leave their beloved leader to the frogs."
The picture shows Sean and Daragh rehearsing a scene that was not in the final cut of Sword. Sharpe yells at Harper: "Get the hell out of here. That's an order!"

That was the moment when I almost sprayed my tea all over the computer screen. *giggle*

Sean eating a sandwich

But even during his sandwich break he is disturbed by a photographer...

Make up again...

A photograph from Eagle

Preparing for the scene where he challenges Leroux...

Just has to finish smoking that cigarette...
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