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Equilibrium on TCMA (now with photos, sorry!!)

I don't know if this channel (I don't know anything about it except this name) repeats movies, but I thought I'd mention it just in case you might want to take a look at your schedule.

Photos are big. Comments may be spoilers. And I can't credit these photos because I am still not in the habit of marking who capped them. If you know who did the work to get us this dose of Sean, please let me know and I will edit.

It ran from about 9:30 Eastern (US) time. I missed the first 45 minutes, which means I missed Sean (***sighs in deep, deep disappointment***)although he does show up later lying on a slab in the morgue, and in a photo that is a key part of the plot. He's a good guy, by the way, and wears a lot of leather. He is delicious as always.

I like science fiction, and I liked this much better than the Matrix, to which it is often compared. If you are interested, there are several comments at the IMBd site that discuss the two movies and dystopian fiction in general. I was happy to see that Sean was mentioned several times as a point in favor of Equilibrium. Warning: the violence is a lot like that in the Matrix, though no torture, except if you count seeing Sean get killed. You don't see the gore, but it is very sad, and not just because it is Sean.

His character (Partridge) and Christian Bale (Preston), who is no slouch in my hotness book. Of course, he wilts by comparison!

I like this because the light and shadow kind of goes with the plot. People aren't allowed to have emotions in this society, and Partridge has decided to start to feel again, risking his life to do so.

People don't feel, so a lot of the acting has to be very subtle. This is about as much of the Sean smile as you get.

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