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Need Help!!

Hello, all!!

My friend and I are currently working on creating the Unofficial Ultimate Sharpe Test and we need somebody (who is not me or my friend) to take a look at it to make sure we didn't goof something up (i.e. misspell someone's name, give credit to one character that some other character did etc....etc...). If somebody, ANYBODY would let me know if they are interested in taking a peek, I would appreciate it very very much.

And of course, if people are interested in taking the test, I will post it when it is ready.

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Did I mention the test consists of 100 questions? Here's some examples:

Sharpe rescues the Marquesa by flinging what around at the nuns? (1 point)

What is Harper’s son’s full name? (1 point)

In Sharpe’s Eagle, Hogan sees two things in Sharpe that he needs to ‘distill the one from the other.’ What are they? (1 point)

In Sharpe’s Mission, Pyecroff places some explosives where on Pope? (1 point)

In Sharpe’s Waterloo, what reason does Sharpe give Lucille for wanting to rejoin the army? (1 point)

According to Sharpe, what makes a good soldier? (1 point)

I just need maybe two people to look at the test....please let me know!! And let me know also if everybody is interested in taking this test in the future. THANKS!!!

And in gratitude for even reading this post, here's Sean.....

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